1. Brush

We all know sushi is delicious, but it gets less credit for being equally aesthetically pleasing. If you’re interested in going to a restaurant that treats sushi like a work of art, head over to Brush. In addition to its logo literally having a paint stroke incorporated into it, the Decatur restaurant’s menu looks just as good as it tastes. Brush specializes in authentic ramen and chef-driven sushi omakase, and while its ramen, bao, and small plates are definitely worth trying, its 11-, 14-, and 20-course sushi bar experience is the perfect place to get familiar with Brush’s culinary artistry.

2. Monkey 68
Various locations

Monkey 68’s specialty is creative and expertly crafted sushi that draws from Chinese, Japanese, and Korean influences. With signature roll names like Gangnam Style, Sex & The City, and She-sho Fresh, ordering at Monkey 68 is almost as fun as enjoying its extensive sushi menu and custom cocktails. Plus, if you can’t figure out which drink you want to pair with your sushi, you can be a little spontaneous and choose whichever cocktail corresponds with your Chinese zodiac sign.

3. Bottle Rocket
Castleberry Hill

While it used to be the go-to spot for date-friendly sushi-making classes prior to the pandemic, Bottle Rocket remains a highlight in Atlanta’s casual sushi scene. Fresh off its 10-year anniversary in 2021, Bottle Rocket is one of the only places in the city where you can catch a game, grab a beer, and indulge in some seriously good sushi.

4. Ru San's
Edgewood Retail District

Going out for sushi can get pretty expensive at times, but if you’re down for an affordable sushi restaurant with a neighborhood feel, you have to visit Ru San's. Home of Atlanta’s best dollar sushi menu, the Caroline Street Ru San's location offers plenty of one-dollar, two-dollar, and three/dollar rolls. If you want to expand your sushi palate without fully emptying your pockets, Ru San's is the place to go.

5. Poke Burri
East Atlanta Village

While traditional sushi restaurants are always appreciated, Poke Burri’s unconventional takes on the classic Japanese dish make it one of the most important sushi spots in Atlanta. Instead of your typical roll, you can chow down on a sushi burrito or a sushi donut, and if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can also order a sushi pizza, sushi corndog, or a sushi sandwich from the secret menu. Regardless of what you choose from Poke Burri, you’ll find that its sushi is top-tier in whatever form it takes.

6. FūDO

Sharing sushi with your friends or your significant other is always a good move, and FūDO, pronounced “food-oh,” is the perfect place to share some mixed Asian plates and grab a couple of drinks. The stylish eatery currently boasts 50 popular culture-inspired sushi rolls—we’re talking Euphoria, Hunger Games, Pokémon, BLACKPINK, and Avengers: Endgame Rolls, among so many others—and it’s also a great spot to try cone-shaped hand rolls for the first time, too. Plus if you’re a fan of sake, FūDO also boasts an impressive sake reserve, including Kiminoi Emperor's Well, Hakkaisan Yukimuro, Dassai 23, Kikusui Kuramitsu, and Born Yume Wa Masayume.

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