1. Dear Annie
Porter Square

We’re cheating a bit here as the menu at this new spot is principally pescatarian. But the team behind Rebel Rebel and Field & Vine created a wine bar that spotlights natural wines in all their glory alongside a slate of meat-free snacks. Current offerings include a bay scallop crudo with salsa matcha, a panini with assorted mushrooms, and crispy pinto potatoes with apple puree, rosemary salt, and brown butter, but options will change with the seasons.

2. Double Zero
Back Bay

Double Zero is proof that veganism is something you should embrace even in pizzaland. Matthew Kenney’s vegan pies feature cashew mozzarella, almond parmesan, and macadamia ricotta, along with plant-based toppings like artichoke, Tuscan kale, and vegan spicy pepperoni so no matter what you like on your pie, there’s a vegan alternative at Double Zero.

4. PlantPub
Kendall Square

Vegan pub fare may sound like a clear contradiction, but celebrated chef Mary Dumont of Cultivar and Harvest has pulled off the seemingly impossible: comfort fare that’s entirely plant-based. The new Kendall Square spot has reimagined all your game-day faves: buffalo wings, loaded nachos, pepperoni pizza, and burgers. Every dish is completely vegan, with tofu and cauliflower doing a lot of the work, and food options are complemented by a vegan wine list and craft beers, including some nonalcoholic options.

5. Clover Food Lab
Various locations

Even your paleo pals occasionally go vegetarian for this mini food empire. Initially the food truck brainchild of an MIT grad, Clover has gone on to reinvent the city’s fast-food scene. With a bottomless commitment to food that is fresh, inventive, and, yup, vegetarian, every Clover outpost—currently at 13 and counting—proves that you just don’t need animal protein when classics like barbecue seitan and chickpea fritters are on the menu.

6. Grasshopper Restaurant

If you’ve been a vegetarian for any length of time in Boston, you’ve worshipped at the Grasshopper altar. It’s vegan Chinese food—pretty much the healthiest comfort food you’ll find. Lots of meatless staples dot the menu, including spring rolls, vegetarian dumplings, and stir-fried greens. But it’s actually the tofu and seitan dishes that give you that true Chinese food fix. Do you still dream of the stir-fried spicy garlic beef dish from your takeout-filled youth? It’s yours for the taking, now in a healthier form.

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